Are Climate Lockdowns Next?

“Marc Morano also said the radical left Senate Majority leader, Chuck Schumer is urging Biden to declare a national climate emergency. Why? Just like a blue-state governor, Biden would then be able to use emergency powers.”

(David Fiorazo) If you think government, media, and Hollywood propaganda on ‘the shot’ and ‘staying safe’ is bad now, get ready. We may soon be seeing what some are calling “climate lockdowns.”….

I interviewed author, journalist and publisher of Climate Depot, Marc Morano on Stand Up for the Truth podcast Tuesday, and he pointed out some eye-opening developments you won’t hear in most news outlets. These are things we better be aware of.

It makes sense. He said now that we have the “lockdown model” and have allowed our freedoms to be restricted, don’t expect the left to give it up. Will Americans continue to comply? Looking at the track record for COVID, we may be in big trouble. View article →


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