Wake Me When It’s Over

“Being woke is a time-consuming hobby. You have to be constantly vigilant, on guard against racist behavior by white folks. You must be easily offended by the un-woke and point out their many, many mistakes.” 

(Bill O’Reilly)  Where are all these woke people? I can’t find them. I’ve looked and even asked some acquaintances: “are you woke?”

No one will admit it.

I’ve seen a few woke bumper stickers like “No Person is Illegal!” Not many though.  Most of the “Biden for President” stickers are gone. Never saw a slogan for Kamala.  But I have one: “The Border’s That Way, Sucker.”

Sorry, that’s not very woke, is it?

I suspect most progressive people fall into two categories. The first are mercenaries. Like the CNN hosts who are paid to be woke.  If they don’t tow the PC line, they will be separated from lucrative paychecks.  So, they stay up to all hours thinking of ways to be sensitive and inclusive. View article →


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