RZIM President Apologizes to Ravi Zacharias’ Victims

(Protestia)  Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) President Michael Ramsden posted a video a few days ago apologizing for his own role and complicitness in the Ravi Zacharias sex scandal.

In the video, which is unlisted and not available for public searching, Ramsden shares how he has been “stunned at the depth and duration of his (Zachrais’) abuse and deception” and that “I completely trusted various deceptive narratives and accounts….

And I was wrong. I realize that in passing on those false accounts to others, and in speaking in his defense, I have greatly multiplied the pain, the hurt, and the damage that’s been felt and experienced by many.”

He tells the victims of Zaharias that “I believe your testimonies about the horrific abuses that you suffered, and also the terrible consequences you’ve had to endure and live with’ and apologizes to Lori Ann Thompson by name multiple times, confessing that in his pride he thought he knew Ravi better than she did, and believed he could perceive Ravi’s heart to know he would never do these things. View article →


The Ravi Zacharias scandal

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