Dear Leftists, I Hope You Can’t Live With Yourselves

These are the people to whom your president and your party capitulated. These are the people to whom your president and your party forced our country to show the back of our neck. This is the situation that your administration is contorting itself to spin. 

(Lincoln Brown – PJ Media)  With the eruption of left-wing has-been celebrities mewling for attention by comparing American conservatives to the Taliban, maybe it is time for a little perspective. Or perhaps a metric ton of perspective.

Yes, a group of morons stormed the capitol on January 6. Get over it already. Stop looking in the mirror and telling yourselves that you were victims and that democracy hung in the balance.

You are the very model of political autoeroticism. You are an embarrassment to yourselves and to your country. Stop with the emoting and the Reichstag tactics to paint anyone who believes something different from you as an enemy of the state. Stop with references to conservatives as the American Taliban. Your ignorance is as sickening as your hubris.  View article →


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