Not one charismatic ‘prophet’ predicted Biden’s botched withdrawl from Afghanistan

Is Donald Trump in control of the United States military as some “prophets” claim he is? Watch Justin Peter’s video.

(Protestia)  Those Charismatics are not having a good few years. Not a single one predicted/prophesied COVID-19 or the destruction of our liberty that accompanied it, showing themselves to be poorly suited for the task. Then once it did come, half of them predicted it would be gone by the end of the year (You’ll recall that Dr. Michael Brown made a wager based on this very thing.)….

Once here, no one saw COVID striking the US President, the most powerful man on earth. Then the majority of them engaged in a bit of sinful commission when they prophesied that Trump would win a second term–another failure, despite having literal years to prepare themselves to hear from God.

Now we are in the process of seeing the collapse of the entire country of Afghanistan, and again, not one charismatic ne’er-do-well received a word from the Lord about the utter devastation that would take place in Afghanistan. Justin Peters has a lot to say about the so-called prophets who failed to warn the world of what was coming: View article →


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