Netflix documentary ‘Pray Away’ selectively edits to demonize ex-gay change

“Netflix has more sympathy and respect for homosexual pornographers than for ex-gays and ex-transgender overcomers, and especially for the therapists and Christian counselors trying to help them lead better lives.”

(Peter LaBarbera – LifeSiteNews) A new Netflix documentary, Pray Away, is Hollywood’s and the LGBTQ lobby’s latest manipulative assault on the most politically incorrect group on the planet: men and women who have left active homosexuality or transgenderism behind to live lives consistent with their Christian faith.

Pray Away employs the usual array of editing tricks, unsubtle bias, and one-sided interviews to ram home its Sexual Left narrative that so-called “conversion therapy”—the effort to change homosexuals’ “sexual orientation”—is cruel, fraught with danger (even “deadly”), and deserves to be banned by law.  View article →


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