Rick Warren Suggests Pastors Who Open Their Churches are Egotistical, Wearing Masks is ‘Loving Your Neighbor’

“The Bible says ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ The most practical way right now you can love your neighbor as yourself, wear a mask. Okay? And to not wear one basically says, ‘I don’t care about you, or I don’t even care about your fears.”

(Reformation Charlotte) During an online session, Rick Warren announced that those who refuse to wear masks are basically saying that they don’t care about other people and that the most practical way to “love your neighbor,” as the Bible says, is to wear a mask.

After making the ridiculous argument that governments forcing the shutdowns of churches isn’t a First Amendment issue, he absurdly makes these claims about wearing a mask. First, he argued that since other businesses are being shut down during the COVID situation, the fact that churches are being shut down also proves that it is a health issue, not a First Amendment issue. He argues that because there isn’t “discrimination,” that, for some reason, the First Amendment doesn’t apply. View article →


Rick Warren

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