Mohler Breaks Silence on Ed Litton Plagiarism Scandal

(Protestia)  Dr. Albert Mohler has broken the silence on the Ed Litton plagiarism scandal, addressing it by way of a student’s question at SBTS’s President’s Forum earlier this morning, who asked him how students, pastors, and churches should think about the reproachful topic.

Mohler, long believed to be the presumptive winner of the SBC Presidency on account of being the worlds most well know Southern Baptist, famously lost to Ed Litton just a few short months ago after being crushed in a rank ballot at the 2021 Southern Baptist Convention….

While Mohler has so far been silent about Litton, his comments here are telling:

Plagiarism is Real Bad

Mohler comes out hard against plagiarism, explaining the seriousness he and the faculty of SBTS take it, expelling students who engage it in while noting…   View article →


Ed Litton’s Plagiarism

Albert Mohler

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