After decades of propaganda warfare and Stealth Invasion, the idea of a free America is hanging by a thread

“Will Fauci, Biden, Gates and Company get, in the end, what they were looking for all along, which was to get their serum into the arms of virtually every American and install freedom-crushing digital vaccine passports in every corner of America, making it impossible to buy or sell or work a job without accepting their mark of obedience?”

(Leo Hohmann)  America has been playing with fire for years, disrespecting its Constitution and allowing, even encouraging politicians to pander to the fears of an ever-present boogieman over the higher values of individual freedom and responsibility.

Boogiemen are very effective tools in the arsenal of those waging psychological warfare against a nation. They are effective because a good boogieman usually brings legitimate scary qualities to the table.

Islamic terrorists are legitimately scary.

Invisible viruses that spread throughout the population are legitimately scary.

People are willing to give up freedoms under the illusion that it’s only a temporary inconvenience. “Just go along and soon all will return to normal,” they say. View article →


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