Woke Author Tells Rick Warren’s Wife: Make ‘Racial Justice’ Part Of Your Church Membership Process

“If we’re talking about a congregational level, your church has to vocally, publicly, and in a sustained way pursue justice.”

(Protestia) It seems that ever since Ibram X. Kendi, author of the NYT bestseller How to be an Anti-racist, tapped Jemar Tisby to be the Assistant Director of Narrative and Advocacy at the brand new Center for Antiracist Research, that’s he’s gone further and further right in his ideology and rhetoric.

Tisby, you’ll recall, founded the Witness Black Christian Collective in 2012. Their leadership is pro-choice and they frequently partner with Michelle Higgins, the pro-choice pastrix who keeps on talking about how the Trinity is queer. Tisby is best known for writing the book The Color of Compromise (which unsurprisingly is compromised theologically).

Speaking to Kay Warren in April 2021 interview, she asks him how they can be an “ally” in the fight for racial justice.  View article →


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