Why Todd White is the Most Dangerous Kind of False Teacher

“On occasion, he says things that would make someone who isn’t paying attention, or who isn’t very discerning, think that he’s moving closer to orthodoxy and that, perhaps, the Holy Spirit is truly leading him to the truth. Yet, when we really dissect his statements, it becomes clear that he’s mixing truth and error in such a way to lead people into even greater deception unnoticed.”

(Reformation Charlotte)  Todd White is a charismatic preacher who is known for his parlor trick “healings” such as leg-lengthening and various other fake healings….

White is the pastor of Lifestyle Christianity, a church in Watauga, Texas, and is well-known in Word of Faith and prosperity gospel circles. White was made famous by notorious false prophet and heretic, Patricia King, who helped him launch his career after his supposed conversion to Christianity from atheism and a life of drug addiction.

Todd White has made many foolish statements and blasphemies as a pastor and preacher over the course of his career and his association with some of the worst heretics in Christendom should already raise red flags. But when Todd preaches, he can actually sound very passionate and genuine.  View article →


Todd White

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