Biden’s ‘Pretty Naive’ Afghanistan Withdrawal Made Obama SecDef Sick

“If you start with the notion that we’re pulling out entirely, I think you’d have to be pretty naïve not to assume things were going to go downhill once that withdrawal was complete.”

(Spencer Brown – Townhall)  In a new interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper set to air on Sunday’s episode of “60 Minutes,” former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates — who served under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama from 2006 to 2011 — didn’t hold back in criticizing President Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“It was really tough for a few days there, I actually wasn’t feeling very well, and I realized it was because of what was happening in Kabul,” Gates recalled of watching Biden’s humiliating withdrawal that turned deadly. “I was just so low about the way it had ended, if you will, and I guess the other feeling that I had was that it probably did not need to have turned out that way,” he added.  View article →


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