John Piper lies, peddles Big Pharma narrative

“John Piper invokes the same peer pressure that he claims he’s writing against as well as uses fear to motivate the individual.”

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) As usual, John Piper is showing up late on an issue, writing a lot but saying very little, and dressing bad unbiblical arguments in orthodox explanations of the text. Previous examples include voting Democrat and Critical Race Theory. Perhaps it’s too early to say whether John Piper is a false teacher or not [CRN believes John Piper teaches falsely], but he’s consistently bad on cultural issues whether it be voting, guns, or vaccines.

John Piper penned an article over on Desiring God titled, A Reason to Be Vaccinated: Freedom. While this article is not the carrot stick motivation that the headline implies, it is as manipulative and similarly deceitful.  View article →


John Piper Continues to Confuse Followers on Justification

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