What Kind of Fool are You!?

“Think about the overwhelming size of the universe in which we live, the tremendous beauty we see through our telescopes, or through our naked eyes when looking at the skies on a clear night full of stars; how can this be by chance?”

(John Beardsley – Truth With Snares)

Spiraling galaxies and moving with precision; Magnificently powerful, and yet unseen by man until recent days. Beauty that is almost unspeakable in words, Brighter than any of our imaginations, Full of colors; an awe to behold In a creation of universal size an expanse that appears limitless! And there are thousands of you, and who knows, maybe millions Filled with billions and billions of stars.

What are we to say of what our eyes can see outside of our microscopic speck of dust on which we live? No matter your IQ, why are you not in awe of it all? How can you explain it? So much detail. So much infinite power, and infinite distances we can only theorize about in our puny brains! How can you claim or come to a conclusion there is not a God?

How can you be so foolish!? You stand upon part of this creation! You breathe creation in the very atoms of oxygen body, made of trillions of atoms which are then made into molecules that make the blood which carries the oxygen to your flesh so you can live. So much more than that – you have a soul to know you are alive!  View article →


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