CRN Headline News 11/8-11/13

Need to read articles you may have missed this week…


No, we are not all children of God

Steve Scalise Sounds Off on Biden’s Infrastructure Bill, Highlights 5 Hidden Details

Federal Court Blocks Biden Vaccine Mandate

Francis Collins Says God Would Be ‘OK’ With Aborted Fetal Tissue Research


WaPo media critic says Durham indictment is ‘bad news’ for those who hyped Steele dossier

Unions Issue Warning: Biden’s COVID Vaccine Mandate Could Slash Trucker Workforce by 37%

Southern Baptist Pastor and ERLC Leaders Suggests Paul’s Words Are Not Authoritative

Is Our Military Being Used as Vaccine Guinea Pigs? A Flight Surgeon’s Testimony Will Make You Wonder


Germany & France Recommend Against Moderna Vaccine

Biden’s Marxist Nominee for Banking Chief Wants Oil, Gas, and Coal Industries to Go Bankrupt

‘Age-Related Cognitive Decline’: Former WH Doctor Talks Biden, Says Obama Wrote Him ‘Scathing’ Email Over ‘Betrayal’

Facts about Covid-19 vaccine info censored by Facebook

Former Trump Official to Schiff: ‘Your Credibility’ Is Diminished — You Spread Russian Disinformation


Deceptive Media Reporting in Rittenhouse Case Could Blow Your Mind

The Gospel Coalition Contributor Says If You Don’t Believe in Social Justice, You’re a Heretic

Conscience, Corruption, Shots, and States Rights

What Kind of Fool are You!?


Former Celibates Admit the ‘Gay Christian Celibate’ Movement Gateway to Full, Practicing Homosexuality

Are We Bowing to America’s Golden Image?

Rittenhouse Self-Defense Case Heads to Conclusion After Defense Rests. Here’s What You Missed

Federal Court Orders Biden’s DOJ To Stop Extracting Data From Phones Of Project Veritas Founder James O’Keefe


History Will Grind Out the Truth

CDC Admits It Has No Evidence Of Recovered COVID Patients Spreading The Virus

Appeals court re-affirms stay on Biden workplace vaccine mandate, cites ‘severe’ risks

Step Aside, Trans People, The Left has a New Mission: Normalizing Pedophilia


Who Will You Serve, God Or The World?

Bethel Church’s new megabucks megastructure will model ‘on earth as it is in heaven’