Desperate Leftists Watching Power Slip Through Their Hands

“America has had a taste of the type of nation that the left has dreams of turning her into. They’ve said, “nah bro we’re good.” And they are planning on turning out in enormous numbers in 2022 to see to it that these ideas and the candidates who tout them are all put to bed and hopefully never to be heard from again.”

(Kevin McCullough – Townhall) In the past few weeks, on a number of fronts, the WOKE Left in America have watched loss after loss pile up and they are realizing something that should encourage the rest of us.

Their days are numbered.

Now don’t be confused. Because they know that, they are becoming even more desperate and the panic-induced anxiety is bound to exhibit itself. None the less the simple fact that they are beginning to realize it is cause for us to smile, dig in, and work harder to see their doom come about.  View article →

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