To save our society, more voices like Abigail Shrier, and more words like this

“I don’t know much about Ms. Shrier, the former Columbia and Yale Law grad who clerked for one of Bill Clinton’s federal judges on the D.C. Circuit. But I know that the fascists are scared of her, and after reading her recent speech, I can understand why. She’s a freedom fighter.”

(Peter Heck – Not the Bee) This last summer I had the great opportunity to work with a literary agent and pull together a book proposal. After several months of brainstorming, mapping out the major thesis, diagramming the contents, and writing an abstract as well as chapter summaries, we submitted the proposal to a host of publishers.

None of them bit.

While obviously a little bummed, I also can’t deny that my schedule is plenty busy as it is, and the closed door might be one of God’s many blessings in disguise. Nonetheless, I was a bit on the curious side as to what I could have done better. The agent I worked with, who has been around the publishing businesses for a very long time and worked with some exceptional authors (some of my personal favorites, in fact), said that my relative anonymity undoubtedly was a contributing factor. View article →


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