Mormon, Glenn Beck, Says Billy Graham Told Him He Was Christian, Removed Mormonism From Cult Status

“If Billy Graham truly loved Glenn Beck, he would not have allowed him to walk away believing that he thought he was a true Christian.”

(Reformation Charlotte) Glenn Beck was recently interviewed on the Michael Malice show where Malice asked Beck about his conversion to Mormonism. Malice asked him if there were any times where “hardcore Christians” ever confronted him about his Mormonism and him being in a cult. Beck then recounted a time where he was with Billy Graham and he was telling Malice about his conversion.

I was with Billy Graham at his house…it was his organization that had Mormons as a demon cult. I went to visit him and somebody else was there with us who was friends with him on the first time we met. And he said “so tell me about your relationship with Christ and with God.” And I started saying something and the person said “wait wait wait, remember Billy, he’s a Mormon.” And he just turned and looked at him and then he turned and looked at me and he said, “you were saying?” And I told him and at the end, he was crying and I was crying, and he looked at the other guy and said, “he sure sounds Christian to me.” View article →


Billy Graham

Glenn Beck


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