Evangelical Leaders Who Denounced COVID ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Look Really Stupid Today

“The reality is that not only have these Evangelical “leaders” demonstrated a severe lack of discernment, but they have damaged the witness of the Church by propagating lies and slandering innocent people all in the name of “honoring God.” It’s time these people step down and resign.”

(Reformation Charlotte) Normal and sane people–as in, those people who were not taken away by media psychosis–have, since the beginning, known that the COVID-19 virus leaked from the lab in Wuhan, either unintentionally or intentionally….

Further, many who understood the wickedness of those people placed in charge of us never doubted the idea that the release was intentional.

Either way, we knew where the virus came from and we knew there was a massive effort to cover up that story. What’s sad, though, is how many of our Evangelical leaders played along. View article →


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