Lifeway Still Peddling False Teachers Including ‘Gay Christianity’ Revoice Resources

Check out some of the books LifeWay is peddling to Christian consumers, books that are chock-full of heresy and steeped in the world of the occult. The books are written by false teachers, a.k.a. wolves in sheep’s clothing.  

(Reformation Charlotte) Six years ago, a small but growing discernment blog broke the story that Alex Malarkey–also known as The Boy Who Came Back From Heavenhad recanted his story and said that he made it all up. The blog, Pulpit & Pen, was at the time run by Southern Baptists who were heavily involved in Southern Baptist life….

The problem, though, was that even though the story had been recanted–and the entire fantastical tale was heretical and unbiblical anyway–Lifeway, an entity of the Southern Baptist Convention, continued to sell the book as though it were a true story.

Even after the story made national news and high profile pastors both within and out of the Southern Baptist Convention denounced the book and pleaded with Lifeway to stop carrying it, they continued to carry the book for several years. View article →



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