Father Breaks Down: ‘I Will Never Forgive Myself For Not Fighting More’ Against Child Mask Mandates

(Guy Benson – Daily Wire) ‘The Science’ continues to magically shift before our very eyes, with additional liberal states joining the cascade of soon-to-be-lifted restrictions.  Some states, like California, New York and Illinois are set to relieve these burdens on everyone except  children, for now — which is, of course, the opposite of what the real science has been teaching us for almost two years.  Top Democrats have declared that the Biden administration has achieved enough progress to warrant ending mitigation, but that’s truly embarrassing spin.  Some media doctors are prancing along to their political tribe’s choreography, insisting that yes, the ‘Science’ has suddenly changed:


“The science has changed.”  @DrLeanaWen explains why she supports lifting some pandemic restrictions and thinks the decision to wear a mask should shift from a government mandate to an individual choice.  

The science on forced school masking science has not changed.  The politics have.  Charles Cooke flays Wen: View article →