Exclusive Footage — Private Schools Nation-Wide Pushing ‘Queer Inclusive’ Curriculum, Trans Ideology Starting in Pre-K

Warning: There are 2 sexually explicit illustrations from the book “Gender Queer” toward the end of the article.

“I want to talk about some ways that you can set [learning about sexuality] in motion … in preschool, and all we really have to do is think about this topic the way we think about all other topics … we don’t start in the fourth or fifth grade with a complex subject,” one NAIS video called “Getting Ready to Get Ready: How to Implement a PK-5 Sexuality Curriculum,” begins.

(Emma-Jo Morris – Breitbart) Private schools across the country are training teachers to expose kids as young as four years old to sexually explicit content — in secrecy and without parents’ knowledge — directed by the National Association Independent Schools (NAIS) as part of a “queer-inclusive” curriculum.

Breitbart News has reviewed an extensive trove of NAIS documents and teacher trainings supplied to private schools nation-wide, which, under the guise of being “queer” and “LGBTQ+ inclusive,” urge the use of graphic sexual material in classes starting at Pre-K.

A nearly hour-long training workshop at NAIS’ flagship conference in 2020, reviewed by Breitbart News, features a discussion about how to talk to kids about “gender, and sexuality, and identity,” including how to talk to kids in Pre-K about “their bodies,” “penises and vaginas,” and “what they feel like inside, do they feel like a boy or a girl.” The conference covers how to teach sex, sexuality, and “gender identity” from Pre-K to Grade 8. View article →


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