CHILLING: The American Bar Association Just Mandated ‘Wokeness’

“In front of our very eyes, we are watching another pillar of civic life become another interchangeable cog of the ideology that treats “racism” as America’s chief concern and ordinary white, Christian, heritage Americans as the country’s greatest villains.”

(Revolver News) Anybody hoping to become a lawyer in the United States will now have to meekly submit to several rounds of political propaganda, thanks to a new decree from the American Bar Association.

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BREAKING: the American Bar Association just approved new accreditation standards that require law schools to educate students “on bias, cross-cultural competency, and racism.” That education should cover lawyers’ professional “obligation” to “eliminate…racism in the law.”


The American Bar Association is a national professional association for America’s attorneys. Despite being a private organization, the ABA holds substantial real-world influence, as it sets professional standards for lawyers and is the only nationally-recognized accreditor of the nation’s law schools. So, when the ABA tells law schools to do something, it really matters; every school of note has to obey. View article →


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