Forget Crack Pipes, a CDC Provider is Promoting ‘Safe’ Fentanyl Use

“Faced with a sharp increase in overdose deaths, Rahul Gupta, the Biden admin’s choice to head the Office of National Drug Control Policy, which is no longer in the business of controlling drugs, proposed more free needles and offering fentanyl test strips to allow addicts to test if their drug of choice has been cut with Communist China’s drug of choice.”

(Daniel Greenfield – Frontpage Magazine) We live in the golden age of the junkie. Not even in the darkest days of the counterculture were addicts able to swarm major cities and sit on the street getting high while knowing that all of their needs and wants would be taken care of….

Billions are spent on “homeless services” for crackheads, meth abusers, and heroin addicts whose plight is blamed on the cost of housing.

Not on a political system that decided to decriminalize drug dealing, drug use, public vagrancy, shoplifting, and then wonders why the streets are filled with tent encampments and overdoses. View article →


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