A Reminder, No Charismatic Prophets Prophecied Russia Invading Ukraine in February

(Protestia) Hopefully it does not need to be said but this is just a friendly reminder that like the COVID-19 virus two years prior, there was not a single charismatic prophet who prophesied last year that Russia would be Invading Ukraine in February of 2022, thus sparking one of the most catalytic and meaningful events of the last 70 years.

Not a one. You can pick your poison and choose any big-name prophet you want. Go through the NAR Rolodex and choose anybody and check their prophecies they all gave about the year- none of them called it. No one.

Of course, because continuationists are prone to sneaky attempts to prove a point and retcon modern-day events into past prophecies, there will be some who will come out claiming they saw it in their mind’s eye. They will use charismatic double-speak, claiming they predicted: “shifts in the atmosphere” or that “they saw a shifting and a shaking” in the spirit realm, or other such nonsense and tying it back to that, offering up their feeble, ethereal and vague guestimations as a profound, ‘thus sayeth the lord’ one-two punch. View article →


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