Trudeau’s Tyranny and the War on Civil Society

“The majority of citizens in the “free world” have more or less behaved like frightened, docile cattle throughout the pandemic. The cowardice of Western “man” is what made the bravery of the Canadian truckers so startling, so surprising. Unlike the BLM rioters of 2020, who were bailed out by liberal oligarchs and the state, they have incurred heavy costs for their courageous actions. They have shown that there are still noble souls out there who love freedom enough to demand it at any price. And for that the Trudeau regime is going to make them pay.” 

(Matthew Boose – American Greatness) Since March 2020, global elites throughout the West have been on a power trip. In the name of “science” and public health, they have suspended democratic rule and replaced it with bureaucratic tyranny. Certainly, there have been moments of pushback, but nothing as organized or effective as what truckers in Canada have done in the last few weeks.

Canada’s globalist puppet king, Justin Trudeau, was clearly rattled by the Freedom Convoy. In order to protect “liberal democracy” from unwanted dissent, he effectively declared martial law.

The measures Trudeau used to end a peaceful protest were breathtakingly authoritarian. He threatened to destroy the livelihoods of the protesters, many of whom, of course, had already been squeezed to the margins of society by Trudeau’s cruel and arbitrary vaccine mandates. He used anti-terrorism financial sanctions to freeze the bank accounts of the demonstrators and their supporters. Donors were exposed to harassment by journalists and hackers. The Ottawa police handled the protesters violently. Trudeau called the protesters racists and terrorists, and Canada’s state-run media eagerly amplified these smears. It was an all-out war on dissent, one that thrilled more than a few gloating sadists on the faux-rebellious, bootlicking Left.  View article →


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