Why Christians should never use The Message ‘Bible’

(John Lanagan – The Word Like Fire) The Message is not a translation of the Bible. It is not a para-translation, as its publishers have so cleverly called it. Nor is it simply a paraphrase, because its earthly author, Eugene Peterson, has added, subtracted, and altered.

We should not use The Message because it is unholy.


The Word of God is clear we are never to profane the Lord’s name. (Deut 5:11, Exodus 20:7)

Yet, that is what Peterson in his dark wisdom has placed in Micah 3:5-7. He uses God’s name as a curse word! So please, no more excuses, no more presentations of this thing as an example of a paraphrase* etc.

God is either holy, or He is not. God either means what He says, or He does not. View article →


The Message

The Message “Bible” called “herephrase”–heretical paraphrase – The Word Like Fire

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