Dances with Wolves: Recognizing False Teachers

“There is an important corollary to the identification of wolves: that you don’t mistakenly label someone a wolf just because they disagree with you. I’m not warning you against people who worship differently, or have different beliefs about end times, or election, or creation, or who describe their experiences with God in more mystical terms, I am warning you against people who present you with information contrary to the Scripture that effects salvation.”

(Clint Archer – The Cripplegate) When the Academy Awards for best picture was announced in 1991 I remember thinking “What a strange name for a movie, I wonder what it means.” Dances With Wolves is a historical epic set in 1863 against the backdrop of the American Civil war….

A young lieutenant, John Dunbar, attempts to commit suicide by riding a horse down the middle of a battlefield while the two sides are shooting at each other. By an amazing fluke, even though thousands of bullets are flying around him, he survives the experience, and his superiors mistake his actions for bravery, offering him a promotion and his choice of duty.

He selects a remote and isolated posting on the Western Frontier to live in solitude. One day, he sees a wolf on the prairie and tries to chase it away by lurching at it and flailing his arms. The wolf in turn jumps and skips around him. All the while there are some Sioux secretly watching this strange man who … dances with wolves. View article →


Wolves!  RUN!!

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