Michael Brown Formally Endorses Raging Heretic

“Unsurprisingly, the book is rife with false teaching from front to back and functions as one big compendium of secrets “Jesus said” and other revelations Zadai has access to that no one else does. Note how casually he reveals conversations between Satan and Jesus surrounding his death.”

(Protestia) During the October 20 Line of Fire, Jim Osman (author of God Doesn’t Whisper) called into Michael Brown’s show and criticized him for platforming the worst of the worst of charismatic ne’er do wells, telling him, “I would say that you have given a lot of shade, in fact, shade to some of the worst and most egregious charismatics, charlatans, false prophets, and hucksters that the charismatic movement has turned up in recent years…”

This is factually true and is why many get so frustrated with someone like Reformed mainstay James White, who repeatedly platforms Brown and points to him as someone who can be trusted to be discerning and mature in the faith, despite him giving cover to every sneaky-squid-spirit-believing nutbar out there. View article →


Michael Brown

Watch Out–Apostasy Alert!— Naming names

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