Roys vs MacArthur: Anatomy of a Smear

(David Morrill) If Grace Community Church did everything they were supposed to do biblically, and if David Gray is actually innocent of what he was convicted of in 2005, Julie Roys’ articles technically wouldn’t need to change at all. This should shake all of us to our core.

When we last left this story (see part one here), I had untwisted the timeline of events presented in Roys’ first article, revealed the not-so-conservative source of her financial support, and scratched the surface of the deceptive techniques she uses to disguise her activism as journalism – techniques that have fooled some of our favorite internet personalities into carrying water for her….

She has (as I predicted on the most recent Polemics Report) introduced the supposedly damning evidence of a David Gray prison ministry newsletter that contains an endorsement from John MacArthur. Yet this is far from the totality of new evidence revealed, much of which will be revealed in this article.

Roys has attempted to retry the case of the Grays in the court of public opinion – this time with different defendants, different charges, and relying overwhelmingly on evidence that was disallowed in 2005. Not a trial by jury, of course, but a trial by internet mob. Sadly, many professing Christians have been unable to control their emotions and exercise proper skepticism regarding what they read online, rushing to pledge their allegiance to #ChurchToo in response to Julie Roys punching her ticket into evangelicalism’s version of The Squad (Denhollander, Byrd, Du Mez, Prior, and elder stateswoman Beth Moore), many who dutifully echoed Roys’ smear along with their Frenchian pet beta males. So quick were these professing believers to signal their virtuous opposition to abuse that they didn’t stop to think, why is this apparently open-and-shut case showing the true MacArthur just coming to light now, nearly twenty years after the details were already known? View article →


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