TV’s ‘The Chosen’ Director Dallas Jenkins Doubles Down on Controversial Mormon Comments, Straight up Lies

“Even if he wasn’t explicitly referring to the LDS community, which he was, unless his Mormon friends repudiate everything they believe about Jesus, then he is still wrong that his Mormon friends and partners believe in the same Jesus.” 

(Protestia) Dallas Jenkins, son of “Left Behind” author Jerry Jenkins, and Director of the smash-hit TV show The Chosen continued to double down on controversial comments he made last year about Mormons (Latter Day Saints, ie LDS) and Jesus loving the same Jesus, appearing on Ruslan KD’s channel and again insisting that some of his Mormon friends indeed love the same Jesus as he does, while engaging in a bit of revisionist history over what he actually did say.

Jenkins tells Ruslan (who really should do better prep when he has controversial figures on. We offer our archives as a great resource so he doesn’t keep on getting lied to by his guests)

[Read a brief review of Mormonism on the site – see CRN’s White Paper below]

And one of the things that I have said in the past that caused the most controversy was I was referring to a few LDS folks that I’m partnered with, that I know, and I said, “we love the same Jesus”. And a lot of people have taken that out of context and quoted me as saying, ‘Dallas Jenkins says that all Mormons are Christians’ or ‘[All Mormons] believe the same Jesus’. I’ve made it clear… I don’t speak for any group of people. I was speaking for a few friends that I have, a couple of my partners, I stand by the statement, and I don’t speak for an entire LDS or Catholic Church, just like I wouldn’t speak for the entire evangelical church.” View article →

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