Ok, Groomers. Leaked Internal Zoom Confirms Disney Drank the Gender Cult Kool-Aid

(Megan Fox – PJ Media) There has been a massive overreaction by members of the LGBTQWTF Gendergeddon cult and their woke corporate partners over the new Florida law that prohibits creepy adults from talking to little kids about sex. Instead of realizing that most parents don’t think that adults who aren’t related to their kids should be talking to them about explicit topics and hiding those conversations from parents, the woke cult is having temper tantrums. One tantrum happened when Disney called an internal meeting to soothe gay employees’ hysterics. During the meeting, high-ranking Disney employees assured the staff that they would be queering the [heck] out of Disney content from now on.

This meeting was leaked on Twitter, and I’ve got it all for you, along with my commentary along the way in the linked video below. Athena Thorne has a good piece on it for the VIP subscribers (and if you aren’t one, you should be) called “Tragic Kingdom: Disney Enters End-Stage Terminal Wokeness Infection” comparing this shift into insanity to terminal cancer.

Get woke, go broke, as they say. I know I won’t be jumping to support Disney’s new queer-centered programming. View article →


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