TrueAnon: It’s not a conspiracy theory if there really is a conspiracy.

“It all starts to sound very quickly like grooming on a mass scale, glossed over with a sinister veneer of tolerance and fun. In other words, a hyper-powerful cabal of monied predators.” 

(Spencer Klavan – The American Mind) Conspiracy theories aren’t dangerous when they get things wrong: they’re dangerous when they get things right.

QAnon—the online game of interdimensional chess in which Donald Trump does covert battle with a hyper-powerful cabal of monied pedophiles—is factually false in almost every particular. Justin Bieber is not sending a coded message about being sex trafficked because he touched his hat on Instagram. Donald Trump was not reinstated as president on August 13….

And Comet Ping Pong pizza parlor does not have children locked up in its basement awaiting molestation by Hillary Clinton, for the simple reason that it does not have a basement.

But there are still people out there who believe, and this, according to CNN’s Oliver Darcy, has helped “to mainline the notion…that elites are sexual deviants seeking to exploit kids.” So the real threat of the Q mythos is its portrayal of American high society as a corrupt network of deranged predators. This is a problem, because it’s basically true.  View article →



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