Bether Redding’s False Teaching On Healing

(Rick Becker – Famine in the Land) Bethel Church are currently promoting their upcoming Healing School (May 10-13, 2022). “Activations, impartation, and miracles, miracles, miracles” don’t come cheap at Bethel. It beggars belief that Bethel have the audacity to charge $165 per individual for a slice of pie in the sky. Their “pie in the sky” is the false teaching that physical healing in this life is guaranteed in the atonement. The reality is that despite all their efforts, encounters, and impartations, their teaching has had no impact on their own lives. Some of Bethel’s leadership are suffering from minor or life threatening diseases, but dare point that out and you’ll be accused of being callous, insensitive, and cruel. Yet the most cruel thing to do, is to blame someone for their failure to be healed. Bill Johnson’s forked tongue may fool some, but the contradiction is as clear as day….

Regarding healing, on the one hand he writes: “There are no deficiencies on His end – neither the covenant is deficient, nor His compassion or promises. All lack is on our end of the equation.”

On the other hand he writes: “If someone isn’t healed, realize the problem isn’t God… It’s also not wise to blame the person who is sick.” If all lack “is on our end of the equation” who else can we blame? This torturous teaching places a burden on the sick that adds to their physical suffering as they embark on a wild-goose chase in pursuit of physical healing.

A brief look at Bethel and their dismal healing performance. Johnson: “Would satan like to inflict heaven with cancer? Of course he would. But he has no dominion there. He only has dominion here when and where man has come into agreement.”

The conclusion of Johnson’s statement is that Bethelites who are currently battling cancer, Parkinsons, and other diseases not found in heaven, have somehow come into agreement with Satan. Furthermore, Bethel’s declaration concerning cancer has proven to be ineffective: “Often we will receive a reality report and a fruit at the same time. For example, for a number of years now at Bethel Church, we have seen tremendous breakthroughs for physical healing. One ailment that we have intentionally targeted is cancer. In fact, we have declared our city a “cancer-free zone.View article →


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