Bizzare! Bethel Pastrix Leads Congregants To Pray to Their Own Bodies for Forgiveness

The New Apostolic Reformation…is a rapidly expanding movement being generated by some of the same old troubling false teachers and false leaders that have been around in Charismania for decades, always dishonoring the Holy Spirit, always dishonoring the Scripture, always claiming miracle signs, wonders, visions, dreams. ~ John MacArthur

(Protestia) Bethel church is a weird place. We’ve covered them at length, from An Inside Peek into Bethel’s Demonic ‘Fountain of Youth Fire Tunnels’, to the claims that Bethel Prophet Reveals Miracle of ‘Second Virginity’: ‘Hundreds of Hymens Grew Back’, to Bethel Leader Bill Johnson Denies Scripture – ‘God Doesn’t Control Everything’….

We expressed our dismay that they are working towards a $100 million dollar Apostolic Training Center and recoiled with disgust after Bethel Patrix Tells Congregants to just ‘Make Up Prophecies’ if they Don’t Hear from God, the time when Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry Promotes Mystical Enneagram, and lastly when Bethel Alum Claims Jesus Gave Her a Ring & Asked Her to Marry Him,

It’s no surprise then that Dawna DeSilva, an ordained pastrix (because there’s no such thing as a woman pastor) at Bethel and co-founder of Bethel Sozo would want to get into the action. Bethel Sozo is a “healing” and “deliverance” ministry and has a heavy emphasis on creating spiritual ‘atmospheres’ and how to “shift” them. View article →

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