Beth Moore attacks politics and partisanship in political and partisan tweet

Julie Kelly noted that Beth Moore is attempting to smear an entire political party. She said, “What a horrible human being. People of faith and decency do not condemn an entire political party for the act of one deranged 18-year-old.”

(Capstone Report) There is nothing that takes more bravery in modern America than tweeting a condemnation of White Supremacy. There are so few who do this that it stands out in sharp relief when anyone bucks the growing mob of white supremacists on Twitter….

How much more stunning and brave when an Evangelical Elite condemns the great sin of White Supremacy! And that is just what Beth Moore did Sunday.

Beth Moore said, “Dear God, dear God, dear God, dear God, be swift to aid. Hold the grieving. Touch the minds of the traumatized. Make truth plain. Amplify the words of the wise over the cacophony of the politicized. Open fresh sets of eyes to see the catastrophic consequence of white supremacy. For the love of God, throw off your political party lenses and look at the pain. The wrong. The insanity. The injustice. The blood. The carnage. Look with humane eyes at the suffering. Tell the truth to yourself. Tell the truth to your neighbor.” View article →

CRN’s homepage contains a list of professing Christians to mark and avoid (Rom 16:17-18). Scroll down to WARNING and research Beth Moore

CRN changed the title. Capstone Report’s title: Beth Moore takes on white supremacy in stunning & brave tweet!


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