‘Your Story Carries Breakthroughs’ – Chapter, Verse Please?

(Rick Becker – Famine in the Land) The word “breakthrough” is synonymous with the New Apostolic Reformation. Those who are familiar with this apostate movement will know that it elevates man, places subjective experiences above the objective truth of God’s word and relies on mystical jargon to appear spiritual thereby fooling the ignorant. In a theological context, the phrase “we believe that…” must always be backed up by scripture. In the case of Bethel, that phrase is usually an introduction to their fabricated teachings. Here’s an example from Bethel: “We believe that, because of the breakthroughs that you have experienced with the Lord, you carry authority over those areas.”…. What they mean is this – if you’ve experienced a breakthrough (financial miracle, or the healing of a specific disease etc.) you have extra supernatural power/authority in those areas. Anyone finding themselves in the same difficult situation, has a better chance of a breakthrough because Jesus YOU have the authority and faith to command, decree, declare, shift their atmosphere etc. This is nonsense of course, and as usual the “chapter and verses” provided by Bethel to justify this vain imagination are wrest out of context. In this article we’ll examine six recent posts on Bethel’s Facebook page.

Bethel’s modus operandi that captivates so many people is to promise a supernatural solution to those who are struggling in various areas – health, finances, career, family problems etc. The solution is largely dependent on some super anointed individual or BSSM student willing to take a risk, declare, release, activate, or command the desired breakthrough to manifest. Bethel do not restrict this philosophy and practice to church ministry – it’s the philosophy that drives their evangelistic endeavours, and it’s similar to the methodology of cults. View article →


Bethel Redding

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