Buckgate: SEBTS and Friends Keep Digging

Photo credit: Protestia

(David Morrill – Protestia) Pastor Tom Buck released a statement in response to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary exonerating themselves for the leak of Jennifer Buck’s rough draft and subsequent attempt to blackmail Buck into silence. The statement was released on Buck’s behalf by journalist Janet Mefferd, and offered corrections that included the following:

    • Contrary to SEBTS’s claim, they did not conduct a “careful investigation,” and SEBTS President Danny Akin told Tom Buck he was going back on his agreement to allow a third-party investigation.

  • SEBTS Provost Keith Whitfield held back from Akin the fact that he was the one who contacted Karen Swallow Prior to confirm the authenticity of Jennifer Buck’s rough draft, only revealing the information when directly questioned by Buck.
  • Akin placed unreasonable demands on the third-party investigation, including the requirement that Rachael Denhollander sign off on the investigating firm. View article →


The Buckgate saga

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