Watch: MTG Interviews Journalist With Hours of Compelling Video Evidence Who Is Being Ignored by Jan 6 Committee

Capitol Police allowing peaceful protestors to enter the building on January 6.

(Revolver News) Marjorie Taylor Greene is on a mission to get the truth out about what really happened on January 6th at the US Capitol.

Right now, the American people are being subjected to some of the most highly politicized propaganda we’ve ever seen in this country.

Over one year later, the left and many establishment politicians on the right and their media cohorts are twisting the events of January 6th in an effort to hurt President Trump and his supporters, and provide cover for Joe Biden’s domestic and international failures.

The entire committee and hearings are a political sham.

And one independent journalist by the name of Tayler Hansen, who was there on that fateful day, can prove it. View article →


FNC’s Carlson: January 6 Hearings ‘Insulting,’ ‘Deranged’ — ‘They Are Lying’


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