Get Used to a Different Jesus

(Rick Becker – Famine in the Land) “Get used to different” – the words of “Jesus” in season 1 of The Chosen when he called Matthew as a disciple. These words (not found in the biblical narrative) have become a slogan for the series. Unfortunately, “different” is a description of the Jesus that Dallas Jenkins, the creator and director of The Chosen advocates – a “different” Jesus that we will have to get used to in a negative sense (2 Cor 11:4). This other, or different Jesus will be a popular Jesus, an ecumenical Jesus that brings various “faith traditions” together. An inclusive Jesus that accepts all religions. A Jesus that can be defined in the broadest terms possible. A Jesus that accepts different understandings of his nature. A Jesus that has come to bring peace in this world and harmony among different religions. Essential doctrines will be ignored or viewed as “differences,” and set aside as various cults, false religions, and the majority of the visible church are deceived by the spirit of the antichrist. They’ll claim that they love the same Jesus – which is a different Jesus. Someone playing a role in this universal and syncretic deception is Dallas Jenkins, and it’s no small part given the popularity of his series. Aside from the influential series, what is often overlooked is something just as influential – the words of Dallas Jenkins. 

The Chosen is a popular series, it has well over 200 million views and has already been translated into 50 different languages. The goal is to reach 1 billion people. To a large degree, the show’s popularity boils down to feelings. Fans of The Chosen disregard valid criticism because the show tickles their emotions and stimulates their imaginationWhere scripture is silent regarding certain events or the characters of Jesus and his disciples, Jenkins has used his imagination to fill the gaps. Fact – the show is not an authentic portrayal of Jesus or his disciples and is not faithful to the biblical text. (More on that here, here & here) Some find the mixture of facts and fiction in the series heartwarming and entertaining, but we don’t need warm and fuzzy feelings or speculation to know the Christ of the scriptures. We need the scriptures and the illumination of the Holy Spirit, not the imagination of Jenkins. Christians who defend the series, claim that it’s “brought them closer to Jesus” or that they’ve been touched by God in some way. Supposedly, this is proof that the show is “anointed.” This subjective argument is a product of an experience-driven Christianity that is leading many into deception. Furthermore, it fails to take into account similar testimonies from Mormons. A few of the many comments by Mormons on social media in defense of the series, and in response to Jenkins’ video on the “LDS issue” –  View article →


Dallas Jenkins “definitive (final) comments on the LDS issue” Lying for the LORD The Chosen Exposed – YouTube

CRN’s homepage contains a list of professing Christians to mark and avoid (Rom 16:17-18). Scroll down to WARNING and research Dallas Jenkins

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