Unelected WEF Elites Want the Peasants Out of Their Cars

(Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) Winnie Yah, the Lead of Responsible Sourcing for the World Economic Forum, foresees a need for a lot more minerals if we are to get to net zero. To get this clean energy revolution off the ground, she believes the biggest bang comes with terminating or restricting the private ownership of cars.

The WEF agrees that we can recycle or mine minerals, but the route we must take to complete the circular economy is to go from owning to using. It’s not only cars. It’s basically everything. The plan is to design cars and cities around sharing in lieu of ownership.

These people make up nonsensical terms like ‘circular economy,‘ and the terms are simply created out of whole cloth by academics to fit their worldview. Restricting everything the peasants do is their main objective. The circular economy depends on it. View article →



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