Irony Alert! Bethel Church Reopens HEALING SCHOOLS After Being Shut Down 2 Years

“This is a wonderful season to see break through come to the body of Christ. Join us in this school as we invite you into activation and impartation into the freedom and joy and beauty of healing. We want to help you fulfil God’s call on your life. Come join us for this amazing experience in the power of the [false] gospel.”

(Protestia) Bethel Church continues to play the hypocrite and act like everyone around them is stupid. How else can you explain the announcement that they’ve reopened their Healing School after being shut down for two years without mentioning WHY they were closed in the first place? The promo for the Healing Schools reads:

Bethel Healing School is focused on activating a culture of healing and miracles, and stepping into a greater breakthrough in the miraculous. You will be inspired, trained, equipped, and launched into a lifestyle of healing and miracles. This school encompasses much more than just teaching; it’s four days immersed into a culture of joy, freedom, and experiencing all that Jesus paid for. It’s designed to be an intense week full of practical activation, impartation, and miracles, miracles, miracles!   View article →


Bethel Redding is a shark tank – woe to Bethel! by Marsha West

CRN’s homepage contains a list of professing Christians to mark and avoid (Rom 16:17-18). Scroll down to WARNING and research Bethel Redding and Occult-Sorcery


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