False Prophet, Lou Engle, Posessed by Kundalini Spirit Tells of Absurd Vision About Deceased Bethel Pastor’s Wife

“His dreams and visions have become even more bizarre as he stands in front of a crowd rocking back and forth—a phenomenon closely associated with those possessed by the Kundalini Spirit of Eastern mysticism—as he told about a vision he supposedly had about unifying all of professing Christianity under the “great communion” legacy of Beni Johnson while doing away with things like pulpits, missions, and evangelism.”

(The Dissenter) Last year, false prophet Lou Engle made headlines after “prophesying” about revival coming out of the Black Lives Matter movement. He said that he interpreted a prophetic dream that one of his friends, Will Ford, had where they pulled up to a hotel and Martin Luther King walked out carrying a white bag with black handles….

When he walked out of the building, Engle says that King shook the bag upside down violently and dumped out all of the contents.

Engle said he interpreted the dream to be “how black people handle white baggage.” View article →



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