Portland School District Indoctrinates Students To Become LGBTQ Activists In K-5th Grade

(John Rigolizzo – Daily Wire) Portland’s public school system is indoctrinating its students to become queer activists as early as kindergarten through 5th grade.

Documents obtained by writer and activist Christopher Rufo show that from as early as kindergarten, students are taught the tenets of radical queer gender theory. They are taught that ideas about human sexuality are “colonized,” that white colonizers from Europe forced their views on other people and cultures, and that current discourse around sex and gender is still affected by colonization….

The curriculum instructs children to experiment with their own gender expression, and to commit by as early as fifth grade to become queer activists.

The curriculum begins in kindergarten. Several PowerPoint presentations obtained by Rufo, entitled “Understanding Our Bodies: Kindergarten Health Scientists,” exposes children to talking about their genitalia, by framing it in the context of “being scientists to know about our bodies.” The presentations then show graphic drawings of male and female genitalia. The presentations place particular emphasis on the word “BODIES,” and refer to either a “person with a penis” or a “person with a vulva,” because, according to the presentations, “Any gender and kid can have any type of body.” View article →


Research: Homosexual – LGBTQ Agenda


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