Beth Moore Says Jesus is Trying to Get Her to Have a ‘Crush’ on Him

(Protestia) Beth Moore made stomachs turn on social media by saying what only gay men and newly converted 11-year-old girls who just got their first Message Bible at church camp say about our great God and Savior. Coopting the ‘Jesus is my boyfriend’ culture that characterizes much of squishy and unlearned evangelicalism today, Moore indulged in some romanticized view of the Holy God, saying, “If Jesus is trying to get me to have a crush on him, it’s working.”

It’s incredibly irreverent for a 65-year-old bible teacher to talk about Jesus this way. There’s no fear of God saying you’re ‘crushing on Jesus.’ or that he’s trying to get you to crush on him, as if he’s some pre-pubescent boy passing you a note in class that says “Do you like me? Circle one ‘yes’ or ‘no.’” View article →


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