Robert Jeffress Invites Trinity-Denying Heretic to Lead Sunday Worship

“Oneness Pentecostalism is a branch of the Pentecostal movement that denies the Trinity. It is a heretical movement that teaches that God reveals, or manifests, himself in three ways at different times, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, but rejects the belief in three separate and distinct concurrent persons of the Godhead.” 

(The Dissenter) There have been times when I’ve appreciated some of the stances that Southern Baptist megachurch pastor, Robert Jeffress has taken, particularly when it comes to culture and morality….

And while we do diverge theologically, his stance against invading heresies like Critical Race Theory and Queer Theory into the Southern Baptist Convention has been strong.

But there have been times when Jeffress does things that just make me cringe. One of those times was when he endorsed the Word of Faith heretic, Paula White and promoted her book on social media. View article →


CRN’s homepage contains a list of professing Christians to keep an eye on. Scroll down to WARNING. The list contains those to mark and avoid (Rom 16:17-18) such as Paula White


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