Want to Hear RUSHING MIGHTY WINDS as Angels Break Up a Prayer Meeting to Blow a Shofar? Of Course You Do!

(Protestia) A charismatic worship leader is claiming that angels appeared in the form of rushing mighty winds during their April 11, 2022 prayer and worship service, blowing a shofar in a miraculous event that was witnessed by 250 attendees.

We last wrote about Jenny Weaver, the former homeless drug addict, and self-cutting Wiccan-turned worship leader, after she led a charismatic children’s conference that had kids as young as four years old being encouraged to speak in tongues, prophecy, and get slain in the spirit….

When talking to the gathered folk, Weaver says in a video posted on social media as proof of the good tidings, that she hears a shofar and asks who is blowing it. When no one responds, she declares, “the angel of the Lord is here! the angel of the Lord is here,” and flops around on stage for several minutes, overcome by something, while the crowd shouts and screams. She describes it like this: View article →


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