Rosaria Butterfield Blasts Tribalistic ‘Gay Christians’ + ‘Side B’ Revoicers

“Tribalism is infectious and poisonous, and it leaves a wake of division in its path. It destroys the peace and purity of the church and produces false professions of faith as well as unstable Christians held captive to destructive sin patterns. Tribalism falsifies the blood of Christ.”

(Protestia) Rosaria Butterfield is the author of The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert and The Gospel Comes With a House Key. She’s one of the main go-to people for Christian leaders to point to as an example of the power of the gospel on account of being a lesbian Women’s Studies professor who was saved and having her sexuality redeemed. She ultimately married a man, had a family and turned aside from her wayward ways- being a shining success story in an ocean littered with failures.

We’ve scrapped with her over the years primarily because of ancillary perspectives on homosexual habits, including the use of personal pronounces relating to “Christian hospitality” and her occasionally boorish behavior towards our founder. While Butterfield’s LGBTQ theology is not as sub-biblical and theologically schizophrenic as Jackie Hill Perry, Rebecca McLaughlin, or Sam Allberry; three other mainstays in this space, we’re thankful that she has begun to button up some of her more wanton errors that we’ve previously criticized her for.  View article →


Is Rosaria Butterfield Leading the Sheep Over a Cliff? By Marsha West




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