The Misuse of Christian Nationalism

“Christ-followers are not here to advocate for candidates or parties. We’re here to advocate for a biblically informed perspective on the world. Any time we put something in front of that—whether it’s a love for our nation, our State, our gender, or when you hyphenate your faith—it becomes idolatry.”

(Allen Jackson – Townhall) Language is being redefined without any apology or shame, and one example is the term “Christian nationalism.” Adversaries are using that phrase to paint Christians as threats, suggesting that we are the root or the seeds of violence….

It’s a very destructive and unfair accusation. It’s important to understand “Christian nationalism,” and how it’s being discussed and politicized, so we can navigate what’s ahead of us.

When I talk about “Christian nationalism,” I’m referring to people who have a love for their country more than their love for God. That’s a dangerous position because if you put your country (or anything) ahead of your love for God, you’ll use faith and Scripture to manipulate whatever circumstance you see and baptize your actions in the name of Almighty God. History is filled with those terrible stories. View article →


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