Hillsong’s Brian Houston Slams Church Board For His Resignation, Denies Any Wrongdoing; “They Poured Ultimate Shame And Humiliation On Me”

“Houston denies resigning because of any mistakes he made but rather because after the Board threw him under the bus with their accusations, it poisoned the well too much to recover.”

(Protestia) Disgraced Hillsong Church’s former Global Senior Pastor has come out swinging at his former church Board in a Facebook video posted today, blaming them for his resignation and insisting he did nothing wrong.

Houston left the church he founded after being accused by the leadership of committing indiscretions with two women and having a drinking problem, including getting drunk and spending nearly an hour in a woman’s hotel room in 2019, and has not spoken up publicly about the incident other than in veiled references, until now.

He reveals that he’s disappointed the Board did not fight for him to remain on staff and weather the storm.

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